We are a children’s clothing company, fueled by local community, simple design and ever changing Northwest weather.

In 1988, our company was started in a living room in Portland, Oregon. After the birth of her first son, Josephine Newport rented a sewing machine and gave herself a week to find a solution to one simple problem: hard to get in and out clothing for kids. With this goal in mind Josephine came up with her first line of products, one of which, our beloved baby cape continues to be a best-seller. Baby in arms, Josephine brought her prototype baby cape into Portland stores including Young Land, Hanna Anderson and REI.

From the first orders of the baby cape in 1988 to 2005 Newport Kidsport grew into a leading manufacturer of children’s clothing. Although the company expanded from a one-woman production to a world-wide manufacturer, the central goals and roots of the company stayed true, producing clothing that was simple, functional, long-lasting and was all made in the Northwest.